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Youth medicine

From infancy through the teen years, Sun River Health provides comprehensive pediatric care for every family, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

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Whole family health

Sun River Health believes in total family health and treating every member of every family as individuals, each with their own care needs and requirements.

Our pediatricians provide a complete range of primary care for children and teenagers, including:

  • Routine immunizations
  • School physicals
  • Annual wellness checkups
  • Early vision and hearing screenings
  • Patient education
  • Birth control and women’s health services

From newborns to teenagers, Sun River Health pediatricians are here for your family.

“Sun River Health is like a whole health care family. They’re all going to help you together it’s like one big family. They took care of me they just want you to get better. I was almost on my last limb, but today I’m sitting here healthy and strong.”

—Eric, Patient

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