Sun River Health Ambassadors

Sun River Health Ambassadors are a committee made up of professionals who are committed to Sun River Health’s mission of ensuring access to complete, affordable care for all and want to make a difference in the lives of those in the communities we serve.

They support Sun River Health’s leadership through their time, talent, diverse perspective, and network of other like-minded professionals to raise funds and awareness for the organization.

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  • Advocate to provide health care to underserved individuals and lift the overall health of our communities
  • Share skills and expertise
  • Network with other like-minded professionals
  • Give back to Sun River Health through
    • fundraising and philanthropy to support programs and services
    • service projects that allow members to engage with patients
  • Promote Sun River Health on social media platforms
  • Recruit other Sun River Health Ambassadors
  • Introducing friends, family, and colleagues to Sun River Health’s mission


  • Plan and execute at least one event annually to raise money for a program in need. (Guidance and assistance to be provided by Sun River Health)
  • Attend/participate in one organizational fundraiser each year
  • Participate in an annual giving day and share your “why” I support Sun River Health
  • Meet an annual “give or get” group goal (To be set by Ambassadors with assistance from Sun River Health Foundation)

Engagement Opportunities

  • Meet quarterly to discuss upcoming activities, priorities, and news
  • Host regional open houses (Hudson Valley, Long Island, NYC) with guest and member speakers (Friends and those in professional network encouraged to attend as guests)
    • Opportunity to hear from experts at Sun River Health on current areas of focus, challenges, and programs
  • Ambassadors to attend one Sun River Health Foundation Board Meeting each year to discuss opportunities where they can help bring awareness, create solutions, and provide input.
  • Annual open house for members to interact, network, and discuss ideas
  • Participate in one or more projects each year to benefit the communities served by Sun River Health (including but not limited to days of health and health center tours)