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Most people wait until they’re sick before they go to the doctor. However, if you find a primary care clinician now and build a relationship with them, it can make a big difference in your long-term health. A primary care clinician is someone you partner with to keep you healthy throughout your life.

If you’re not sure what primary care clinicians are, they are doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who practice medicine. They include family medicine clinicians for patients of all ages, internal medicine doctors for adult patients, and pediatricians for babies, children, and teens.

Below are some helpful reasons you should consider choosing a primary care clinician:

  1. They want to take care of the whole you. Over time, your primary care clinician will get to know you and your health history. They follow the latest research on disease risk factors and can work with you to set goals to help lower your personal risk. Your primary care clinician will also be able to see small changes in your health before they become something bigger. Like a good coach or teacher, a primary care clinician will encourage you to make healthy lifestyle changes and help you manage chronic conditions.
  2. They keep track of your health history. As much as we are trying to be a part of the solution, the fact is that the health care system in America often puts the responsibility on the patient to carry, convey, and keep their own health history. Your health history and information may not always travel from one appointment to another – especially if you see a specialist or go to urgent care. A primary care clinician will be able to see beyond your immediate health needs and connect them to your health history, any medications you are taking, and your exercise and eating habits. They are there to take care of your health!
  3. There are no questions too big or small. Having a long-term relationship with a primary care clinician means you won’t have to worry about small changes in your health. They are someone you can go to with any health question or concern.
  4. You can sometimes avoid getting sick in the first place. Regular visits with a primary care clinician, including routine health screenings and tests, can help detect and prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. A primary care clinician can also give you a flu shot or other vaccinations, keep track of them, and let you know which ones are right for you in the future.
  5. They can connect you to specialists. If you have a health issue that needs special treatment, your primary care clinician can refer you to an expert specialist. Having a clinician who is connected to a larger network of care can be helpful if you develop a health problem. They can also help you coordinate your care.
  6. Convenient appointments. When you choose a primary care clinician at Sun River Health, you can stay connected with them and book appointments online, by phone, or in-person at the health center. You can also book appointments, renew prescriptions, and pay bills through the Patient Portal.
  7. Your health is too important to be stopped by any worries about payment or health insurance. At Sun River Health, we don’t turn anyone based on ability to pay, health insurance status, or citizenship status. You will always receive the best care from your clinician, and your personal information will be kept safe and confidential.
  8. Higher quality of life. When you build a relationship with a primary care clinician, you have someone who is taking care of your current health needs and looking out for you to make sure you are in the best possible health. It may sound obvious, but many people take their health for granted – until they don’t have it anymore. Staying healthy makes it possible for you to have the quality of life you want and deserve!

When you decide to choose a primary care clinician, take the time to find one who is the right fit for you. It’s ok to schedule appointments with a few different clinicians until you find one who fits your personality and communication style. And you don’t have to wait until you’re sick to do this – you can schedule these as well visits. Once you find a clinician who is right for you, stick with them with them so they can get to know you and your health history. It’s a relationship that’s worth the investment!

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