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Telemedicine is just like a regular doctor or nurse visit, but it’s done by video on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Schedule a Sun River Health telemedicine appointment today and we’ll send you an easy, one-tap link to securely connect with one of our caregivers right from your home. To schedule, call (844) 400-1975 today.

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Getting ready

Before your telemedicine appointment, please be sure to have this information ready

  • Have your phone/computer with camera and internet READY!
  • You will get a text (smartphone) or email (computer) from your Provider at the time of your visit
  • Click the link in the text (or email)
  • Type in your name
  • You are now in the waiting room
  • When the Provider is ready, they appear “Online.” The visit will begin shortly
  • If the Provider is running more than 20 minutes late:
  • Someone will call to notify you
  • Your Provider may also Chat with you in Doxy to let you know


Available in Spanish and other languages
* Patient’s friends & family can join
* If camera is not enabled on your phone, go to:
iPhone Settings – Safari – Camera – Allow
Android Settings – Apps – Camera – Permissions – Camera –Click on
Allow Settings – Camera – Permissions – Microphone – Click on Allow

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Get the FAQs on telemedicine

Why is telemedicine important during COVID-19?

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19, but going without care could be worse. Telemedicine offers access to quality care in the safety and privacy of your home.


What kind of care can I expect from telemedicine?

Telemedicine is often as good as an in-person visit. We can diagnose and even treat many health concerns for adults or children. It is an easy and safe way check in with your doctor about long-term conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, or asthma. Telemedicine providers can provide nutritional, behavioral counseling and women’s health services, too. We can even to write certain prescriptions over the Internet. Check out our full list of telemedicine services.


Can Sun River Health diagnose COVID-19 via telemedicine?

Patients worried about COVID-19 (coronavirus) can get a quick telemedicine consultation with a doctor, but we cannot make a thorough diagnosis by telemedicine. Only those at risk for serious complications with COVID-19 can be tested at this time. If you have high fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, call 911 or visit the emergency room. Please know that most people who get COVID-19 recover fully and at home.


What are the limits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine providers cannot treat chest pain, broken bones, cuts that need stitches, or provide pre-natal visits. In some cases, the telemedicine provider may have to refer a patient for an in-person visit.