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At Sun River Health, our behavioral health team of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, and credentialed alcohol and substance use counselors works with patients of all ages to diagnose and treat mental health conditions with respect and dignity.

Our behavioral health and primary care clinicians work together as one team to make sure you get the comprehensive care you need, regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay. We can also refer you to specialists outside our network of care to make sure you get any specialized care you need.

If needed, crisis services are available to all our patients, provided by our same great team of clinicians.

Our services vary between locations. Find locations near you providing this service.

A mental health assessment is when a mental health clinician asks you questions to understand your mental health. This helps us find out if you have a mental health condition and decide what kind of treatment might be best for you.

A mental health assessment may include questions about:

  • Your daily thoughts and feelings
  • Physical or mental health conditions you or your family may have
  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications you take
  • Lifestyle and personal history
  • Family relationships
  • Sources of stress and trauma in your life
  • Job history, if you’ve served in the military, or been incarcerated
  • Drug and alcohol use

A physical exam and lab work might also be included in your mental health assessment.

Psychiatric evaluations are available to all patients who may need medication management as part of their care. These evaluations let your care team know if it’s safe for you to start taking a new medication, or if any other health conditions you have need to be treated first.

During a psychiatric evaluation, you will be asked similar questions as in a mental health assessment. These include questions about your personal and family history, physical and mental health conditions, and relevant life events.

We offer both individual and group therapy at Sun River Health, depending on what is best for you.

Individual therapy is when you meet with a behavioral health clinician in a one-on-one setting. Everything you say in your individual therapy session is kept confidential between you and your care team.

Group therapy is when a small number of people with shared needs or experiences meets to talk about what they’re going through with a licensed group facilitator. This allows you to share, listen, and learn to overcome struggles together.

It can be hard for families to resolve certain issues on their own. Our behavioral health clinicians are available to meet with families to help them work through issues, make sure everyone is heard, and find solutions together. All kinds of families are welcome.

A medication management visit is when you and a prescriber work together to review and talk about all the medications you are taking. The prescriber helps make sure you are taking the right medications, keeps track of how the medications are working for you, and helps you avoid risk of overdosing, underdosing, or missing medications.

Sun River Health offers medication-assisted treatment along with individual and group counseling to help people who use drugs and alcohol to make life changes that last.

Some of our substance use services include:

  • Licensed outpatient addiction treatment services
  • Linkage to comprehensive primary health care services in our network
  • Medication assisted treatment (MAT services)
  • Overdose prevention, including Narcan (Naloxone) kits and training
  • Peer counseling
  • Referrals to inpatient, detox, and residential services
  • Support services

For more information on our substance use services, click here.

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