Mobile COVID-19 Testing Site in the Alpha School in Brooklyn

“I arrived this morning to a blank canvas and watched as our Facilities and IT Teams built our Mobile COVID-19 Testing Site in the Alpha School in Brooklyn, arriving much earlier than their start time, saying they just wanted to set up and prepare, and with such wonderful motivation and energy. Our colleagues and managers arrived to assist throughout the day, some from far away boroughs and areas. I say often to my departmental staff how humbled I am to be able to help lead and coach a group of individuals who work each day to help others. Today, I was never more reminded of this, and how deeply grateful I am to work for an organization so committed to working tirelessly to help keep our communities healthy and safe.

“Health care is always changing, but this time it’s different. Our new approach makes real, tangible differences in so many people’s lives. To leave last night with four appointments scheduled, and to see that through our Call Center, Business Development Team, Marketing and Communications Team, and grass roots community outreach we were able to successfully screen and test 60 community members is nothing short of AMAZING!

“Kudos to all staff who were involved in today’s success. Looking forward to the remaining days to come. And a very special thanks to the clinical staff, Business Development, and Operations.”

–Philip Gray, Vice President, Business Development

setting up our mobile covid19 testing site at the alpha school in brooklyn