Helping youth find belonging and strength

Our youth programs help adolescents in troubled environments, or with needs their families can’t address. Our goal is to develop healthy adults with good life skills who can be self-sufficient, regardless of family structures.

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Stronger families, stronger communities

Sun River Health knows that adolescents have unique needs. Meeting these needs is a cornerstone to every neighborhood’s future success and health.

Youth Services

Care at every age

Sun River Health’s youth services include:

  • CAP program for adolescents
  • The Alpha School in Brooklyn, an alternative education program for students dealing with substance abuse to gain vocational skills or earn a GED
  • Family counseling programs through our Behavioral Health centers
    ThriveBX for LGBTQ youth in the Bronx
  • Adolescent health services in Hudson Valley region for pregnancy prevention and youth development
  • Partnerships with local family justice centers for people healing after family violence
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Value runs deep

Through youth programs at Sun River Health, students in East New York earn their GEDs, LGBTQ youth have their needs met outside traditional home and family settings, teen pregnancy rates stay low, and teens learn how to make and keep healthy relationships. As long as there is a Sun River Health, we will do our part to ensure these valuable services continue in our communities. Answers and help are just a call or a click away.


  • Sun River Health Yonkers
  • Sun River Health Peekskill
  • Sun River Health Haverstraw
  • Sun River Health Nyack
  • Sun River Health Spring Valley
  • Sun River Health The Alpha School, 2400 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208, 718-257-5800 or Sun River Health hotline