Always here for you

Sharing your problems with people who have common experiences or concerns can give you encouragement and comfort, and can help you move forward.

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Community caring

Below are just a few of Sun River Health’s support groups. There’s one for you:

  • Diabetes
  • HIV/ Hepatitis C
  • Recovery from substance use
  • Behavioral health (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Harm reduction
  • Health / lifestyle modification
  • Maternal health
  • Caring for someone with a disability
  • Yoga for recovery

Strength in numbers

Strong support systems can help you live a healthier life. Sun River Health organizes and promotes many support groups to help people in our communities grow stronger by caring for each other. Join a Sun River Health Support Group today.

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Stronger Together

The community that supports each other grows stronger together. At Sun River Health, complete care means being there for one another along the journey to good health.


  • Ask your Health Center about virtual and in-person groups in your area.