Home is where our heart is

Clean, safe, and affordable housing is a key to a healthy life, and having a roof over one’s head is a worry no one should ever have. Sun River Health connects clients and their families with housing specialists in our communities.

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Health and housing

Founded through the Sun River Health center in response to the housing crisis in Westchester County, The Preservation Company in Peekskill increases access to housing for low- and moderate-income families and to advance community development and revitalization.

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Shelter from the storm

Healthy communities begin with healthy homes and Sun River Health is committed to connecting clients in our neighborhoods with specialists in low- and moderate-income housing near you.

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“A Sun River Health patient was seeking a counselor for her young daughter after showing signs of trauma, as a direct result of displacement after her parents’ separation. Sun River Health referred the patient to the Preservation Company to work with her on finding affordable housing in her area. After a short period of searching, we helped her find an apartment with all the amenities she needed, including access to transportation. As a result, her daughter has been able to recover successfully.”

—Ada Coronado, Sun River Health Care Manager


  • Sun River Health Peekskill (via The Preservation Company)


For enrolled clients, Health Home care managers at any Sun River Health location can help you complete housing applications.