You have a home with us

Sun River Health’s Health Home Program helps people with multiple chronic health conditions improve their overall health and while navigating the complexities of the health care system.

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Complex needs, complex response

Sun River Health’s Health Home program helps people with serious and chronic health conditions connect to the range of medical and community supports they need to maintain good health. Each client in our Health Home program has a designated care manager who helps them coordinate their health care and social services. Each client becomes an active part of creating their own individualized care plan.

Is Health Home for you?

Health Home is for anyone with Medicaid living with two or more chronic conditions — diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, substance use disorder, obesity, HIV/AIDS, or a chronic mental illness.

Your personal care manager will help you stay healthy by:

  • Making and remembering appointments
  • Communicating among your doctors
  • Monitoring your care and medications
  • Answering questions about your health care
  • Arranging transportation to appointments
  • Housing, transportation, and food assistance
  • Health insurance management
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Community is common purpose

By offering more than just medical care, Sun River Health offers complete care to help our patients and clients address the complexity their whole-health needs.