Leading stronger communities

Since 1982, the Caribbean Women’s Health Association, Inc. (CWHA) has been a strong advocate for and service provider to people of Caribbean heritage in our community. Today, as part of Sun River Health, CWHA leads with social and wraparound services that go far beyond health care.

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Breadth of services

CWHA offers a breadth of services:

  • Women’s health
  • HIV services
  • Immigration services
  • Domestic violence support services
  • Community space for Caribbean people to gather

Community is common purpose

By offering more than just medical care, Sun River Health offers complete care to help our patients and clients address the complexity their whole-health needs. Caribbean people living in New York have unique needs and higher barriers to good health than other communities. CWHA works to lower or eliminate those barriers through a focus on maternal and prenatal health, family safety and community support, HIV prevention, and helping with immigration concerns.

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