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Sun River Health’s care coordination services ensure you get the total care you need. Our professional care managers can help make appointments, answer questions about your care, and connect you with other services outside Sun River Health’s network.

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Coordinated Care

Coordinated care means that all medical decisions are made with full awareness of previous treatments and medications to avoid repetition of ineffective treatments, to spot potentially harmful interactions between drugs you are taking, and to ensure we treat the whole you with the right care at the right time.

Patient portal

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All Sun River Health patients enjoy access to our secure, online Patient Portal to make appointments, review medical records and lab results, message a doctor, and more.

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“A Sun River Health patient was seeking a counselor for her young daughter after showing signs of trauma, as a direct result of displacement after her parents’ separation. Sun River Health referred the patient to the Preservation Company to work with her on finding affordable housing in her area. After a short period of searching, we helped her find an apartment with all the amenities she needed, including access to transportation. As a result, her daughter has been able to recover successfully.

—Ada Coronado, Sun River Health Care Manager

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