More than medicine

Beyond our health care services, Sun River Health provides neighborhood programs and social services that help people in our communities get the total care they need and deserve.

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Community leaders

Sun River Health works to improve the health of our communities by leading programs and services in the neighborhoods we serve to positively impact our communities and provide quality health care and social services that make neighborhoods stronger.

Going above and beyond

We help with a variety of concerns:

Join our cause

Sun River Health supports community engagement through programs that make individuals, families, and neighborhoods healthier, safer, and stronger.

We offer programs to help you manage your diabetes, to increase your access to healthy food, and to help you if you’ve experienced family violence. Call Sun River Health today for more information about our social support programs in your neighborhood or ask your doctor if one of these programs might be right for you.

“I work at a vegetable farm. HRHCare helps me with translation and transportation. Most of the staff speak Spanish and it is not difficult to communicate with them. If I am sick, I can understand when they tell me what I have and what to do about it. My kids also come to the health center and are very happy. They even ask to have their pictures taken with the doctor!”

—Cornelia, Southampton patient