A baby was born at Sun River Health

This fall, a healthy baby girl was born unexpectedly at Sun River Health’s Riverhead location. Sindy, the mother, had been a patient since early in her pregnancy and arrived at the health center for a regularly scheduled appointment with her OBGYN, but started feeling contractions in the parking lot. Sindy mentioned being in pain and explained that she had an urge to push. She was triaged and immediately placed in an exam room where nurse Samantha Gonzalez gathered information and notified Women’s Health Providers Dr. Hazoglou & Dr. Minei who evaluated the mother and prepared for an emergency delivery. Dr. Hazoglou coached the patient through the final stage of labor while health center staff called 911. Sindy delivered the baby, whom she named Allison, 15 minutes after arriving at the health center, right as the EMTs arrived on site. 

After Allison was born, she was cared for by Sun River Health Pediatrician Dr. Pohanis, while Dr. Hazoglou continued to provide assistance to Sindy. Both mother and daughter were stable and transferred to Peconic Bay Medical Center for aftercare. Sindy says her experience was wonderful and that she felt supported throughout the process. She is very grateful to the providers who assisted her and was excited that her husband was able to be there for Allison’s birth as he was not able to attend the birth of the couple’s two older children.

Sindy has returned to Sun River Health’s Riverhead center for her post-partum care and Allison, now four months old, is being cared for by Sun River Health Pediatricians. Every time Sindy comes to the health center, she tells the story of giving birth there and becomes emotional remembering the experience. We are grateful that the team reacted promptly and effectively during these unusual circumstances to help deliver Allison safely. Sun River Health is also taking the extra precaution of stocking Pitocin on site going forward to assist with any future surprise deliveries.

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